Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Photo story - last - Korea

Back from hectic life and it is time to update this blog..sorry for being sooooo late and unproductive.
looking at these photos definitely helps to kick away those moody emo happenings.
 This will be the last post about Korea with lots of food photos..
Photos will do the talking

We had the chance to learn the traditional music instruments
learn to cook Korean meal
Traditional instruments

Great performance by the students

Arirang - Korean Traditional Song

Teacher aka Chef

Our end product

Then after the cooking session, we went out for shopping and tried this leng myeon..

Next day, we were brought to a famous Bibimbap shop and the food there is delicious!!
After Bibimbap, we went to one art gallery and learnt to make some paper art there.
Right after we released our artistic soul, we were brought to the Jeonju Korean village,
 The weather was hot,
We had bing shu (like ais kacang) in a little shop

and within the week, we tried Sam Geh Tang - herbal chicken gelatinous rice,
we didn't want to go back after dinner and we chose to chill in the all time favourite coffee shop - cafe bene.
Both of these shops are just at the opposite side of the University.

Sam Geh Tang

This is actually dog meat

It was the last weekend that we will be spending in Korea so, we went to Busan

Outside of the Train station of Busan

Memorial Park

Heading to the beach

A lot of people in the beach! It was scary when you see so many chicks in bikini!~ WOOHOO

Us, serious face when dealing with the map

Night in Busan

We actually slept in Jim Jil Bang, which is like a Sauna place where people will overnight there and bath together there and so on.. very happening. 

Next morning, 

Hae Yun Dae

Last day having Korean Class, Our dear lovely teacher posing in front of the conteng-ed whiteboard.

Last day in Seoul, went to City Hall , midnight

Next day, breakfast in Twin Rabbit guesthouse, and walk around Hong Dae, and


p.s Actually I still have a lot of photos that are nice but not uploaded here >< Argh, lesson learnt, next time should update earlier.. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

The beginning but not the end

Time flies, I can really feel this, because it is like,
 too many things happened and I got no time to respond to it 
and *pooof* , 2014 is here already, 

So, a little not-really-complete wrap up here
in my 2013. 
Despite of the Korea trip that I haven finish posting up,
*sorry for that*, here a some happenings in my 2013.

Went for camps, and attended events

The 2013 Camp Cameron , had the funniest and warmest Gad family,
 that made up of all the crazy and talented bunch of people
2013 Wah camp of Campus Alpha
2013 Christmas event by IKUPM
Went to Damasara Performing Arts Centre for the Lollapaloza Concert, to sipport my dear Lao po Melanie and her bf.
Didint have any photos of people singing because I am afraid my cammy's snapping sound
is a little bit you know, annoying 

Selfie of me and stephy =) in DPAC after the performance

Then ,
Visited to alot of places, due to field trips and retreat

Terengganu for our Live feed field trip, a loooong journey , and I met my honey Melody there,
too busy talking and no photos taken

Wetland Management class and we were able to visit the mangrove area in taiping

Wetland Management class and we were able to visit the mangrove area in taiping,
This is the 'baby' of Rhizophora *if i am not wrong*

Wetland Management class and we were able to visit the mangrove area in taiping,
The charcoal production place, I manage to take a lot of beautiful photos there

And actually, we visited to Kuala Pelanduk,
 a small place along the coastal of Port Dickson, 
it is a very very nice place that not many people visit there, 
but the feel of the place is soooo different from any other beaches in Port Dickson. I didnt manage to take any photos because I didnt bring my cammy with me *sobs*

Ikatan Kristian Madarin Cell Group retreat in Malacca
Went to KL Central Market to do some survey for the upcoming IASS souvenir 

 Did some cafe hoping in KL and Selangor Area,
 nice try nice atmosphere, 
and makes me wanna have my own cafe =) 


The Journey cafe
Flying pot

Flying pot

Spent time with coursemates, friends and family

Went to funfare with deary coursemates

The Atmosphere with family
The Atmosphere with family

 And did some selfie

And one more thing  =)


Au Revoir

P.S  After blogging, i realised that there are still a lot of photos to insert, but too many to share ..sorrry! ><